More Unsung Heroes – The Ethiopian Eunuch (August 23, 2015)

While this is not a perfect analogy, the story we have before us today of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch reminds me a little bit of the Lone Ranger and Tonto.  I remember watching that show avidly as a youth and absorbing all of its pop-culture catchphrases:  “Heigh-ho, Silver!”  “Who was that masked man?” and of course, “Kemosabe”, Tonto’s term of affection for the Lone Ranger.  I even had a friend who called me that from time to time, though it made not an ounce of sense.  But then, neither did The Lone Ranger, because he was never alone.  He might have been the only one of the two who was a Texas Ranger, or whatever his official capacity was, but he was never alone, because Tonto was always there.  The Lone Ranger was no lone wolf, to put it another way.  He always had his faithful sidekick and backup, who for whatever reason I thought was a lot more compelling.

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More Unsung Heroes – Elisha (August 16, 2015)

Roosevelt is to Taft as Elijah Is to Elisha.

Growing up, I remember learning about our American Presidents and the things they did that have endured.  Washington as the first.  Jefferson purchasing Nebraska (among other lands).  Adams and Adams, two Presidents from the same family.  Wilson and the League of Nations.  Lincoln and slavery.  And then there was Teddy Roosevelt, the brash, outspoken conservationist and Rough Rider who inspired a beloved stuffed animal.  He was the ultimate example of masculine, nationalistic swagger, and they stuck his face on Mt. Rushmore for it.  But alongside all those things Teddy, one that always stood out for me was Teddy Roosevelt the Trustbuster, the President who went after the illegal monopolies that threatened to strangle the American consumer.  Teddy was the people’s champion long before a guy named The Rock.  He was the bane of the business community, or at least those corporations that were so big they forgot to care for individual consumers.  Continue reading

More Unsung Heroes: Simon of Cyrene (August 2, 2015)

august 02 2015 graphic

“More Unsung Heroes”.  I couldn’t leave it alone!  The Bible’s a really big book, and there are lots of characters in there who don’t often get their own sermons.  So today, we embark on another stroll through Scripture to find stories of more “unsung heroes”, as we continue our loose exploration of what it means to be a hero and what these characters can teach us about courage.

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Charleston. (June 21, 2015)

This sermon is still part of the “Unsung Heroes of the Exodus” series, this time focusing on Miriam.  But as happens from time to time, the trajectory of the sermon was altered by the deaths of nine people in Mother Emmanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina.  To that end, the graphic for the day is only this:

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