Learning Happens … Through play and these hands-on types of experiences:

  • Age appropriate readiness activities
  • Small groups
  • Self and Teacher guided learning centers
  • Family activities

Parents, Friends and Family …… Are encouraged to become involved in:

  • Field Trips
  • Friends and Family Events
  • Sharing of time and Talents
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences

The Learning Experiences of the Preschool:

  • to know that God is good and loves them
  • to feel more secure in new situations
  • to learn how to get along with other children and adults
  • to build a good self-image
  • to develop coordinated of large and small muscles
  • to expand vocabulary through language experiences
  • to express ideas and feelings
  • to promote creativity through exploration of music and arts
  • to develop reading and math readiness skills
  • to enhance curiosity about the world around them