Preschool Script Program

You are able to pick up select cards (Super Saver, Hy-Vee, Walgreens, Arbys,  Walmart and Godfathers) at the church.  You can also use the RaiseRight App giving you access to 700 + more venders including Menards, Ace and many others.  This is how it works.

  1. You can order physical hard cards in addition to the ones we have at the church. We will place this order monthly (at the end of the month) to decrease our shipping cost and not eat into our profits for the Preschool.   
  2. When you order” Egift cards” they come to your phone instantly. You then just scan them at the store’s register or enter the information online.  (So if your ordering Christmas gifts from Amazon, this is a great option. Order Amazon cards for yourself and use it to pay!)
  3. You can also send an “Egift card” via email. This saves the cost of postage and the time you would spend looking for the perfect card.
  4. When looking at the App there is also the option to have some of the card shipped to your home.

So how do I do this, you ask.

Create an account on the RaiseRight app on your smartphone

or at using our organization’s enrollment code: 88LD473C5L916


Your sign-in will work for both websites, and the enrollment code is the same.  If you are planning on sending Egift cards , you have to use the site at this time.  

Seamlessly check out by securely paying online with a linked bank account or credit card  (processing fees may be added with credit cards).